Why Does My Cat Meow When I Sneeze?

Why Does My Cat Meow When I Sneeze?

If you’re a cat owner, you may have noticed that your feline friend meows when you sneeze. While it may seem like a cute, curious trait, you may be wondering why your cat does this.

In this post, we’ll explore the potential reasons why cats meow when their owners sneeze, as well as some other interesting cat behavior facts.

Attention Seeking

Cats are known to be attention seekers. They often want to be the center of their human’s world. Therefore, when you sneeze, your cat might meow just to grab your attention. They see you sneezing as an opportunity to get some extra pets or cuddles. Your cat may also be meowing as a way of checking in with you to see if you’re okay.

Vocalizing Stress

Cats can be easily stressed by sudden noises or movements. Sneezing is a sudden and often loud noise, which can make your cat feel uneasy. To relieve their stress, they may make noise, including meowing or yowling. Vocalizing their stress can help them feel better and more secure.

Mimicking Your Behavior

Cats are known to copy their owners’ behaviors and mannerisms. If they see you making a lot of noise when you sneeze, they may choose to copy you and meow. This is how cats learn to communicate with their owners and show affection.

Hereditary Traits

Many cat breeds, such as Siamese and Burmese, are known to be talkative. They enjoy vocalizing and may use any opportunity to do so. If your cat is of one of these breeds, the meowing when you sneeze could be a carryover from their genetic traits.

Natural Instincts

Finally, cats meow as a way of communicating. They use different meows to signal hunger, desire to play, stress, or pain. They may also meow to announce their presence or ask for attention. Meowing when you sneeze may be a part of your cat’s natural instincts to communicate with you.


Cats are endlessly fascinating creatures, with curious personality traits that often intrigue and amaze us. Whether they are following us to the bathroom, stealing our socks, or meowing when we sneeze, cats make our lives more interesting. Understanding our cats’ behaviors and why they do what they do can deepen our bond with them.

So, next time your cat meows when you sneeze, you now have a few potential reasons why.

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