How to Teach Your Cat to Swim

How to Teach Your Cat to Swim

Many people believe that cats are afraid of water and are unable to swim, but that is not always accurate. While some cats may not enjoy water activities, swimming can be beneficial for their health and a great way to bond with your feline friend.

Here is how to teach your cat to swim.

1. Start at a Young Age

As with most pets, the best time to introduce swimming to your cat is when they are young. This way, they won’t have any preconceptions about water being something to fear. Make sure to supervise them closely, and never leave them alone near water.

2. Use a Shallow Pool

When starting, it’s essential to use a small and shallow pool. You can use a bathtub, sink, or a kiddie pool for this. Make sure to fill it with lukewarm water, and try to make it a comfortable experience for the cat by adding some toys they like in the water.

3. Show Your Cat How to Swim

Once you have the pool set up, gently hold your cat in the water. Keep one hand under their belly and one on their chest to support them. You can also use a life jacket to make them more comfortable. Slowly move them around in the water and talk to them in a soothing voice.

4. Gradually Increase the Water Depth

If your cat seems comfortable, then you can gradually increase the water depth. Make sure to take frequent breaks and reward your cat with treats and praise. As they get more comfortable, you can add more toys to the water and let them explore on their own.

5. Safety First

It is essential to keep your cat’s safety in mind. Never force a cat to swim if they are showing signs of distress or fear. Additionally, make sure that the pool has a shallow end and that you’re there to supervise them at all times.


It’s essential to introduce swimming to your cat slowly and gently. With patience and encouragement, your feline friend can enjoy swimming just like dogs do. Keep in mind that not all cats might enjoy swimming, and it’s okay if they don’t. As with any new activity or experience, it’s essential to pay attention to your cat’s behavior and make sure they’re comfortable.

So grab your swimsuit and let the adventures begin!

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