How to Keep Your Cat Cool in Summer

How to Keep Your Cat Cool in Summer

Summer is the season of fun, sun, and beach trips for humans, but it can be quite challenging for our feline friends. Cats are naturally sensitive to high temperatures and humidity, and they are more prone to heat-related illnesses, especially during hot and humid weather. As a responsible cat parent, it’s crucial to ensure that your fur baby stays cool, comfortable, and safe during the scorching summer days.

In this blog, you’ll discover some simple and practical ways to keep your cat cool in summer.

1. Provide Plenty of Fresh Water

Just like humans, cats need plenty of water to stay hydrated and maintain their body temperature. Make sure you provide your cat with a constant supply of fresh and clean water throughout the day. You can add some ice cubes to the water bowl to keep the water cool and refreshing. You can also consider investing in a drinking fountain that keeps the water flowing and encourages your cat to drink more water.

2. Keep Your Home Cool

Your home temperature plays a significant role in your feline friend’s comfort and health during summer. Keep the air conditioning on or use fans to circulate cool air in your home. Keep the curtains or blinds closed during the day to block out the direct sunlight and heat. You can also put up a reflective window film that reflects the sun’s heat and light.

3. Create a Cool Retreat

Cats love to lounge in cozy and comfortable spots, especially during hot and humid weather. Create a cool retreat for your feline friend by setting up a cool and shady spot that’s isolated from direct sunlight and heat. You can also place some ice packs or frozen water bottles wrapped in towels in your cat’s bed or retreat to provide an extra cooling effect.

4. Groom Your Cat Regularly

Grooming your cat regularly not only keeps her fur soft and shiny but also helps her stay cool during hot weather. Brush your cat’s fur daily to remove loose hair and mats that can trap heat and prevent air circulation. You can also consider giving your cat a summer haircut, especially if she has long hair. However, consult your vet before giving your cat a haircut as some cat breeds require their coat for regulating body temperature.

5. Avoid Hot Surfaces and Activities

During summer, hot surfaces like pavement, concrete, and sand can quickly heat up and burn your cat’s paws. Avoid walking your cat on hot surfaces or letting her play on hot sand or concrete. Instead, opt for shaded grassy areas or go for walks during cooler hours of the day, such as early morning or evening.


Summer can be a challenging season for our feline friends but with the above tips, you can keep your cat cool, comfortable, and safe during this time of the year. Remember, heat-related illnesses can be life-threatening for cats, so it’s essential to monitor their behavior and take immediate action if you notice any unusual signs.

Keep your cat hydrated, cool, and relaxed during summer, and you’ll enjoy a happy and healthy fur baby throughout the season.

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