How to Keep Stray Cats Out of Your Yard

How to Keep Stray Cats Out of Your Yard

Stray cats can be a nuisance for those who want to maintain a neat and clean yard. A stray cat can cause damage to your garden, dig holes, and even ruin your beautiful flowers. However, it is possible to keep these pesky cats out of your yard without causing them any harm.

We will share effective techniques to keep stray cats away from your property.

1. Use Feline Repellents

Repellents are an effective way of keeping stray cats out of your yard. There are various types of feline repellents. You can use sprays, solutions with natural extracts, or electronic devices. You can buy animal repellent sprays from a pet store or make one at home with vinegar, citrus, or other strong scents. Electronic cat repellents work by sensors that detect movement and emit high-pitched sounds or water sprays. After a few encounters, the cats will stop visiting your yard.

2. Plant Cat-Repellent Plants

Certain plants are known to keep cats away. They dislike the smell of lavender, sage, and rosemary. You can also elevate your garden by planting flowers such as marigold and coleus canina, both of which repel felines. Catnip may seem counterintuitive, but it can be used to draw stray cats away from your yard by planting it around the boundaries of your yard.

3. Seal Entry Points

It is necessary to seal gaps and openings in walls or fences to prevent the entry of stray cats into your garden. This will ensure that you keep the strays away from your yard and keep the cats in their natural habitat. You can also use repellent sprays on the exterior walls or surfaces of your yard’s structure as a hindrance to cat penetration.

4. Provide Alternative Living Space

Cats often wander in search of food, water, and shelter. If you provide similar resources to the animals adjacent to your yard, they are less likely to invade your property. You can construct an outdoor shelter for stray cats or install a feeder and a water supply in the neighboring lands. This will keep them satisfied and less likely to explore beyond their current territory.

5. Home Security Options

Motion sensors that emit an alarm when triggered can be useful to deter felines from entering your yard. Also, installing CCTV cameras can help identify the cats and take necessary actions to solve the problem at its root cause. The cameras can help you keep an eye on your yard and neighboring lands to see if you can notice cats areas where the animals spend more time.


Cats are lovely animals, and nobody wants to take action against them. The techniques shared in this blog can help keep stray cats away from entering your yard without causing them harm. Repellents, cat-repellent plants, sealing entry points, providing alternative shelter and clean water, and home security measures are effective ways to keep the cats at bay. However, my final tip would be to remember to act responsibly, and if you choose to feed and shelter any stray cats, do so selflessly. Stray cats tend to be skittish and fearful, so it is best to approach them with care and caution, and keep your distance.

By following all of these tips, you can have a cat-free garden and a comfortable living space.

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